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The Orange Box is a compilation developed by Valve
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The Orange Box, developed by Valve Corporation and PopCap Games, is a compilation package containing five different games: Half Life 2 and its two expansions, the fascinating and innovative Portal and the funny multiplayer Team Fortress 2. Are you sure you can resist? The best first-person shooter for PC is at The Orange Box. An essential pack .

The news in The Orange Box are: Half Life 2: Episode Two - Second expansion of Half-Life 2, the story continues just where the first ends, great improvements are shown in this game, major battles in open environments, taking the player outside the walls of City 17 for the first time. Portal - A revolutionary new action game that will change forever the way the player interacts with his environment. Team Fortress 2 - The expected return of the king of multiplayer games based on roles, Team Fortress 2 takes the Source Engine to new levels with a new graphic style and a deep gameplay for nine different characters.

Main Features:
- Half Life 2: Episode 2 introduces the player again in one of the most exciting and well known plots, We will be able to see Gordon Freeman and the other main characters away from the ruins of City 17 and the entire area where it is located, so they find themselves in a large outdoors forest environment. In addition, it includes major battles in the open air and a new improved vehicle.
- Giving the action genre a tweak - Portal is the new sensation in action games. The player is provided with a pistol that allows him to create portals from one place to another just by pressing a button. This pistol is based on "Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device" (ASHPD) technology. To advance in the game, the player must learn to use the particular effects of having two portals uniting areas where gravity works differently..
- Team Fortress 2 is the sequel to the groundbreaking multiplayer online game based on roles. The game consists of two teams, red and blue, which should capture control points or briefcases with secret information (called files) to win a round. If the objectives are not met within the time limits, the game becomes sudden death mode, where both teams face off in a fight to death until one of the two loses all members, or the time runs out. If not, there will be a tie in which both lose. There are 9 kinds of characters in the game: Engineer (engineer), Soldier (Soldier), Medic (Medical), Pyro (flamethrower), Spy (Spy), Sniper (sniper), Scout (Explorer), Heavy (heavy weapons infantry) and Demoman (explosives expert).

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  • Fully packed compilation
  • Includes Portal, an Innovative game


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